« Golden boy is the story of a young boy called Anwar, forced to cross the sea on a boat to escape the war in his country.

In a conversation with him, I try to reconfort him and explain that I don’t understand why it is happening to him, but of one thing I am sure… he’s a golden boy.

His death won’t be forgotten, and his loss won’t be in vain. A fictionalised story brought to life trough music, lyrics and a stunning handmade animation. But also a tribute to all those kids obliged to undergo painful destinies due to our human imperfection »

In partnership with the NGO Open Arms, this collaboration aims to raise awareness about migration.

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Who has never felt the fear of dying?
The fear of not living the life at its most?

What if is a song questioning death and fears.
Metaphorically described in the lyrics, those fears are represented by beasts that can resurface whenever we let them.
Accepting them is the only way to overpass them and enjoy life as much as we can, even if we’re broken or afraid.


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